Curious About Curling?

Perhaps you know someone who plays or have seen it on TV and were interesting in giving it a try.   This page will try and answer any questions you might have about getting started in curling.  

How do I get started?

The first step in getting started is to contact your local curling facility.  Many curling facilities, including ous, offer special instructional leagues for beginning and inexperienced curlers.  Our Getting Started program introduces you to the sport of curling at a comfortable pace.   Curling can be a life-long activity in a recreational or competitive capacity.  Check out the introductory video below. 

What kind of equipment do I need to get started?

The basic equipment you’ll need:

  • A pair of clean (worn indoors only) athletic shoes
  • Warm clothing that allows for a full range of motion in both the upper and lower body.  Dress in layers, so that you can take off a layer of clothing as your body warms up, and replace it as you cool down!
  • A slip-on or step-on teflon slider.  Sliders are available from our pro-shop.
  • A curling broom.  Brooms are available from our pro-shop.
  • If you are still in the “trying it out” phase, the we have a number of brooms and sliders available for your use.

How much will it cost to get started?

Annual membership fees works out to only a few dollars a week.  We typically offer discounted memberships to new curlers.  There are also different events open to drop- in and try curling without the commitment of a membership.

Can I get instruction from a qualified instructor?

We offer different leagues and events which provide instruction for a variety of skill levels.  We can also arrange for private instruction from a trained instructor by request.

Is it good exercise?

Curling is great full-body exercise.  Curling tests your balance and strengthens your core muscles.  Sweeping works your arms, chest, back, and shoulders.  Delivering and sweeping the curling stone work your legs, while the delivery also helps with your flexibility.  Curling is not a game that requires exceptional strength, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good exercise!

What if I have health issues or physical limitations?

If you are in reasonable health and have reasonable mobility, there is every chance that you can still enjoy the sport of curling.  A change of equipment can allow curlers with bad knees, hips, or backs stay in the game using a delivery stick to throw the rock or using of a sliding device to assist them in maintaining their balance during the delivery.  Curling is a sport which can be played by people of any age.

What other benefits are there?

In addition to exercise, curling is a very social activity.  Sportsmanship is an integral part of the game.  Games begins and ends with a handshake between opponents, and at least in eastern Canada, it is traditional for the winning team to treat the losing team to a sociable beverage.  Curling is a great way to exercise, have fun and make new friends!

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